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We're all thrilled they're taking Graceland on the road, a sort of post-mortem Elvis tour. The commercials promise memorabilia of every sort, even "a letter from President Nixon." Gosh, that'll bring in the crowds, won't it?

Robin Domeniconi says paid circ of Real Simple, not quite two years old, jumped 34% to over a million copies with ad sales up 50% to 346 pages. The comparisons are for this year's first half vs. last.

Bimbo time! With Anna Nicole a summer ratings star, I inquire politely, has the country gone nuts?

General Manager Mark MacDonald of Stuff called to clarify its circulation figures. Total circ rose from June of last year to June of this year by 20% and now stands at an ABC-audited 1,170,000.

God speed to Sid Evans, latest casualty of Wenner Media's editorial musical chairs.

Joan Sheridan, publisher of Rosie, informed me over lunch that despite all the sturm und drang, "Gruner & Jahr USA is hoping to work this all out and continue to publish a successful magazine. Our September issue boasts over 120 ad pages-our biggest issue since the launch (under Ms. O'Donnell). Our newsstand is averaging 400,000 and we are delivering our rate base of 3.5 million." And reader reaction to the negative ink? "We average over 10,000 reader letters each month. Only six have even mentioned what some in the press are dwelling on."

Opening on Broadway Nov. 21, a musical ("Dance of the Vampires") set in Transylvania (Dracula and all that) based on a Roman Polanski flick. Michael Crawford plays the Count. Since he opened "Phantom" 14 years ago, is the guy getting typecast?

Reed Foster named associate publisher of Woman's Day.

Dandy Sports Illustrated piece on my faves, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon of "Pardon the Interruption" on ESPN.

Ever notice the most ferocious war hawks (Cheney, Rummy, Condee Rice, the Prez) never yet heard a shot fired in anger. Not to mention "Bubba of Arabia," with his recent showboating offer to grab a rifle and die in the trenches for Israel.

Enos Slaughter obit re today's ballplayers: "They're all too busy worrying about their money to have a good time."

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