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A day or so after that big Time Inc. shakeup I lunched with Publisher Mary Morgan of Health, thrilled that the cream (Don Logan and Ann Moore) had risen to the top. Also delighting Ms. Morgan, the performance in hard times of her magazine (circ 1.35 million). Ad pages through September are up 12.4% and that comes on top of a 2001 increase of 5.7%. Mary says this year's September will be the largest in Health's 15 year history with 137 ad pages, up 47% from the month last year. Why such robust growth? "It's a magazine perfectly positioned for the way women live today and one that understands taking pleasure in the healthy life may be the only way to achieve it." Oh, yes, though they use "wellness" in the book, she dislikes the word. With me, she asks, what's wrong with "health?"

Speaking of which, Men's Health (Rodale) also has a huge September issue, up 44% in pages and 53% in dollars over 2001. It's the biggest number in their 14 years. These guys must be in the right category.

The N.Y. Times says Rosie may be suing Gruner & Jahr USA Publishing over the edit direction of the magazine. And you thought Typhoid Mary was difficult.

Bon Appetit Editor Barbara Fairchild works on the West Coast, Publisher Lynn Heiler in N.Y., and the other day I corralled both. How's their mag doing? For one thing, Laura Bush likes it, and Air Force One now routinely carries the latest issue. Circulation rate base is 1.25 million (with 526,000 on newsstands) and 2002 ad pages through August were 628 (last year's first seven months hit 729), but they see ad pages flat to slightly up for the full year.

Good Cause Dept.: "Team Up Hill," a group of ex-Ad Agers, and the ad community are teaming up this month on a triathlon to raise dough for Doug Hill, ad copywriter for top shops, who has rare frontal lobe dementia. Wife Julie Hill, a former editor in international dep't., is holding things together for Doug's treatment (not covered by insurance) and their 7-year-old son. For info and donations, contact: Adrienne Fawcett, 2 Kings Court, Pennington, N.J., 08534.

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