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Why is it whenever I see "The Osbournes" I have this urge to call the fumigators?

Gruner & Jahr USA Publishing squirming again? Rosie in standup at a casino trashed everyone but Helen Keller, announcing, "I'm no longer a TV talk show host. The bitch ain't so nice anymore." She is still, presumably, running a mainstream women's magazine where "nice" sells.

I'm gonna miss Rosemary Clooney. Can still hear her "Hey, There ..."

Bill O'Reilly hot? Best selling books, winding Larry King's clock over Fox TV News, a possible talk show, "The Pulse," and his new daily two-hour radio show. Said Joel Hollander, CEO of distributor Westwood One, "It's the largest rollout in talk show history." The radio program, begun May 8, is already on 254 affiliates, in 50 of the top 50 markets, 97 of the top 100. "We think another 100, 150 stations is possible eventually," said Joel. I saw Bill the other night. He said, "Whew!"

One day before that C-130 went down, Pulitzer-winning photog Eddie Adams was telling a Parade magazine sales meeting he'd just flown in a C-130 on assignment in Afghanistan. "I didn't know those crates were still flying," said Eddie. Apparently not all are.

Golf mag (circ 1,400,328) claims it's growing while category monster Golf Digest (circ 1,567,588) isn't. Chris Wightman adds his Golf has 435,000 more readers than the Digest. I'll be asking Mitch Fox about this between Opens.

In October National Geographic World relaunches as National Geographic Kids. Aimed at 8- to 14-year-olds, it already has 700,000 subscribers and for the first time will be sold on the stands and accept traditional display ads. Already a prize-winner in the educational press, Melina Bellows remains editor and Rainer Jenss has been named associate publisher to bring in the ads.

Hearst Corp.'s Country Living, says Publisher Steven Grune, was up 17 ad pages in July and year to date is 2.7% ahead of last year. Nancy Soriano's the editor.

Are those Al Qaeda POWs at Gitmo pulling our chains re frogmen off Seattle, fuel trucks in Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn, and the like. Maybe the sky isn't really falling.

Reggie gets a centerfield plaque at Yankee Stadium? Who's next, Strawberry?

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