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The idea, wacky as they come, I was quite sure at the time, was James Truman's. The Conde Nast Publications editorial guru had just been to Japan, where he was bemused to discover they had 32 magazines devoted to, ta dah!, shopping. Thus was born a new monthly called Lucky. And so was reborn Sandy Golinkin's career. Sandy, canned in 1988 as publisher of Allure, is the founding publisher of Lucky, which right now, just 19 months old, is booming. It was before Memorial Day (she went deep-sea fishing off the Hamptons) when Sandy and I lunched. She claims Lucky's circ is now up to 770,000 actual (700,000 guaranteed) and that ad pages for the first half are 435 pages, up 57%. As for pull, Sandy cites a fashion client that runs a different 1-800 number in ads for each magazine. "Orders ranged from 17 to 120," she said, "except for Lucky, which drew 750 orders." Sandy was busily consulting when a phone call from Steve Florio got her back to Conde Nast in 2000, and lucky for all concerned, Lucky was on the front burner and needed someone to launch it.

Yahoo! Internet Life (and they've got to do something about that title!) named Michael Zivyak associate publisher.

Ty Sawyer jumped (dived?) from Primedia's Skin Diver magazine to become editor of Sport Diver, a World Publications book.

With all the dough banks spend on advertising, does it make ad sense for WCBS-AM in New York to let their sportscaster Gary Stanley do commercials saying his home loan from Equity Now is so much better than dealing with bank delay & red tape?

Palm Beach Society Publisher Jim Sheeran just produced a new "Book of Connections," which is being snapped up. Why? It's got everyone's Palm Beach address & phone number! Says Sheeran, "in effect, it's a mailing list of the world's richest people."

Huzzahs for Brian Williams, anointed Tom Brokaw's successor. The irony, Brian was at CBS flagship station WCBS where they'd not had a successful anchor since the late Jim Jensen, and they let rival NBC hire Brian away.

Angelo Ragaza's the new exec editor of Vibe.

Maureen Dowd classic in The Times about Bush in Europe, "Le Cranky Cowboy."

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