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If what I read in New York magazine is accurate, marrying B-School Suzy is all the punishment Jack Welch is ever going to need.

Tracy Gavant says Elle Decor blooming in June with 128 ad pages compared to 93 last year. And it's got new contributing editors: Jamee Gregory, Richard Lambertson, Sally Albemarle and Mark Welsh (who writes as "Sweetie," the fashion pooch). Oh, my.

The New York Observer's now selling ads on the front page. Associate Publisher Kathleen Foster tells me Van Cleef was the first client to bite; agency was Avrett, Free. The weekly has, incidentally, great columns and edgiest editorials in town. Catch the blast at Cornel West, who dumped Harvard for Princeton.

In Knoxville, the Web site of Home & Garden Television scored huge numbers with a "dream home giveaway," Prez Burton Jablin says.

Now that he's in the slammer, has Strawberry again found Jesus?

Dandy first quarter for Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel mag, with ad pages up 11% and ad revenue 24% ahead.

At Teen People Anne Kallin Zehren says its June/July issue will be up 16% in ad pages. It's the "25 hottest stars under 25" issue. But you knew that.

Brenda Saget preening at House & Garden where June closed up 11% with 91 ad pages and the April issue to date is selling 25% more on newsstands than last April.

Great take in The New York Times about Chris Casson Madden as "the new but more serene Martha." Husband/-partner Kevin Madden in the '70s was ad director of New York and manager of our magazine league softball team (I played third). We were playing Time Inc. or someone and out came the best looking blonde kid ever to crouch behind the plate as catcher, no pads, no mask, just Chris Casson and her spectacles. Kevin screamed: "You're gonna get hurt, dummy!" It's called "meeting cute"; they wed shortly thereafter.

Had a surreal moment April 12 at Camp Lejeune meeting Marines and signing books in their PX. A young sergeant came up, said he'd read my Korean memoir, remembered when I was promoted to first lieutenant, they had no silver bars, and he handed over a new set which he'd bought for me, $3.35 at the uniform store. Stunned and moved, I didn't get his name.

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