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Lunch with Conde Nast Publications' Steve Florio is never dull. For an exec of his eminence, he is remarkably candid. Also informed and opinionated. Here at the Four Seasons on the first day of spring and in the presence of Brooke Astor was Steve's take on just about everything:

Ad sales are picking up for Conde Nast. Ten of CN's 15 magazines ("even Wired") will be up in pages for June. Beauty category especially strong. For the industry in general, he doesn't expect a real ad turnaround until early '03. Was Cathie Black right to bail on Talk? "I wouldn't have started Talk. In that category Vanity Fair is just too strong." Should Jann keep Us afloat? No, it's bleeding Rolling Stone, "one of the few great magazine creations of the century." Dan Brewster has a right to be sore at Rosie. Steve has no idea what Primedia is up to. But he considers Seventeen and New York both attractive properties.

Closing down Mademoiselle was "the most painful thing professionally I've ever done. It had no editor for nine months; we were assured Brandi Norwood wasn't contractually bound. She was. Lori Burgess did a great job as publisher. I blame myself." Even before Talk folded, Steve phoned Ron Galotti to say, "Come home." At last week's publishers' meeting Ron was welcomed back enthusiastically though Steve shook a fist. "But this is the last time!" He earlier made a "come back" call to David Carey, got him back to The New Yorker. Teen Vogue is on a back burner. Pretty far back.

Vibe named a new fashion director, Michael Nash.

Advertising Women of N.Y. asked five ad agencies countrywide to create campaigns challenging "marketers' perception of 40+ women." Thursday of this week they'll stage a panel discussion on the matter at 125 Park Avenue. Panelists: Myrna Blyth, Mary Lou Quinlan, Jill Danenberg, Mark DiMassimo, Annette Simon.

Spin has a new editor in chief, Sia Michel, touted as the first woman to helm a national rock music mag. She'd been exec editor until Alan Light departed.

Men's Health Editor Dave Zinczenko and Cindi Leive of Glamour team up April 11 for a "CBS Morning Show" "he says/she says" gig about the best ways to meet men, pick up girls. If the one-shot works, they might do it again.

I'm scheduled to be on with Imus Tuesday.

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