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Which lasts longer: this new Us magazine team of Jann and Bonnie or the Liza marriage?

When ad sales improve for Glamour, one of the Conde Nast Publications heavyweights, that's substantive. I lunched the other day with the monthly's new Editor in Chief Cindi Leive, who says ad pages will be ahead of budget for May and that Publisher Suzanne Grimes considers it a trend and not just a one-shot. Ms. Leive also says Glamour is "talking to production people (no decision as yet) about two TV deals, one televising its annual Women of the Year awards every fall and the other, quite distinct, a "Do's and Don't's" show. Cindi, who took over six months ago and writes the coverlines herself, says newsstand sales of the last two issues have been up 20%. Heavier promotion? "Yes, but also the magazine is selling itself."

The New York Post's deadline for submissions to this year's Eric Breindel Award for journalistic excellence is April 26. Martin Singerman says the $10,000 award will be made in June. Breindel, an editor and columnist for the paper, died at 42. For info, call 212-843-8043, Steve Rubenstein.

In the Jayson Williams shooting case, WCBS-AM news radio doesn't know how to distinguish between murder and homicide. A cityside cub could tell them.

Carlo Vittorini points out my error, citing George Hirsch as founder of Runner's World mag. Says Carlo, George founded Runner magazine.

The Publishing Industry Ball benefiting Juvenile Diabetes Research will be April 18 at the Pierre Hotel in Manhattan. All the media biggies will be there. For info, call Eve Siegal who does volunteer PR at 212-688-4598.

The New York Times has an attractive new Job Market classified section. But the radio spots stretch credulity. Unemployed guy proposes marriage, prices a yacht, pledges 10 mil to a university, all because he "saw" Job Market and is "quietly confident." These are want ads, for God's sake, not "Open, Sesame."

Congrats to Randy Smith of The Wall Street Journal for his George Polk Award. Randy was a stringer for WWD while in prep school, also at Harvard, later helped me create Page Six in the New York Post before going straight.

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