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Let me put this carefully so as to be fair to all parties: I think Gruner & Jahr USA Publishing is getting screwed. Here they hand over a major national magazine with an honorable pedigree (plus obvious weaknesses) to a total outsider who'd never put an issue to bed before, rename the damned thing after her, and spend a lot of dough and energy relaunching McCall's as Rosie, and what does Rosie do? She bails out on the TV talk show that gives her immediacy and muscle, and then writes a book about coming out of the closet. I couldn't care less about Rosie's sex life. But I do care about grand old magazines and what happens to them, to their dedicated staffs, to the readers who buy them and to the advertisers who support them. This is amateurism at its worst and unless CEO Dan Brewster and the Gruner people knew about it and disregarded it from the start, they've been blind-sided.

Natural History, published by Manhattan-based American Museum of Natural History, tipped its hat to the city and put out a special issue about N.Y. skies. Writers include Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Jim Bouton, Dr. Ruth, Stephen Jay Gould. Top advertisers are aboard: Rolex, Mercedes, A&E. Handsome work, all.

Is this a trend? People en Espanol this July will publish a bilingual issue on beauty. It'll be on newsstands, go to subscribers-and to another 100,000 Hispanic women culled from the Time Inc. database from other books.

The men's downhill is the single most riveting of Winter Olympic events. So NBC tapes it to run toward 11 p.m. on Sunday night, just before a school day.

All hail Liz Smith. The Drama League salutes Liz tonight at the Pierre with a blacktie dinner and music from her fave Broadway shows of all time. The creme de la ... well, you know, will be there.

Is this progress or retro? New Age Journal, after 27 years, changes its title to Body & Soul, which sounds more like a John Garfield flick.

Tonight, the 21 Club and barroom faithful salute greeter Harry Lavin, who just retired. Ave atque vale.

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