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Lookalikes: Mike Martz of the deflated Rams and Raymond Burr as the cutlery salesman in "Rear Window."

How delicious. That know-it-all Bill Safire in The New York Times of Jan. 24 got an entire column out of the Sherlock Holmes line about the curious incident of "the dog in the night time" (which didn't bark) in the story of "Silver Blaze." Mr. Safire then informed readers the dog was named "Silver Blaze." The dog, to my knowledge, and perhaps even to Holmes', had no name. "Silver Blaze" was a racehorse.

Fitness (Gruner & Jahr USA Publishing) says its ad business is pretty good with April set to bring in their biggest ad revenue ever.

The Reader's Digest Assn. will custom-publish the in-hotel mag of the posh Ritz-Carlton Group for the next five years.

Sotheby's will hold an online auction of memorabilia from collections of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. What next, Fabian? Jane Withers? Leon Errol?

I know people are flocking to galleries and shows of Twin Towers' disaster photography, but I don't ever want to see another picture from Sept. 11. Too unsettling.

WCBS-AM cut a deal to air Yankee games. It sounds like a good one. But doesn't it also aid rival WINS by enabling it to claim it's now the "only all-news" station in the N.Y. market?

Savoy survived a first year of publication and celebrated at Roseland in N.Y. the other night. Absolut provided the vodka. Wish I could drink to that!

Always looking for more of that lush fashion advertising, Vanity Fair very smartly set up a spa, beauty treatment and lounge within the Bryant Park Hotel for the most recent New York fashion week Feb. 11-15.

I yield to none in my admiration for quarterback Joe Montana. But in those commercials for The Wiz wearing all his Super Bowl rings and spraying the newspaper boy with his lawn sprinkler, the great man plays buffoon.

After 33 years in Manhattan, Roher PR moved its HQ to Chappaqua in the suburbs, where Bubba lives and Hills drops by.

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