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The New York Times reported that chief among the tactics used by those Enron scoundrels to keep from paying a penny of federal taxes was a myriad of offshore tax havens, led naturally by the ever-popular Cayman Islands where Enron had more than 600 subsidiary units. But while I am no expert on Enron, my antennae began to quiver when I saw that No. 2 on the list with more than 100 separate Enron subsidiaries, were the Turks & Caicos Islands. I have been to the Turks & Caicos and can report, "There is nothing there! Nothing!" Why no alarm bells went off on Wall Street or in Washington over this sham, I cannot say. I can only tell you that while I was there on a press junket for a billfishing tournament a few years back, the prime minister was busted in Miami on drug charges, a British sub landed a few dozen Royal Marines to take over the government, and that night on local TV the lead item of news was not the drug bust, the coup d'etat or the Royal Marines, it was which of the visiting American journalists and outdoor writers had caught the biggest sailfish or marlin that day! Enron had a hundred companies headquartered in a backwater like the Turks and not even a single shareholder or stock analyst noticed?

Paige Rense's Architectural Digest does an "I Love NY Design" issue in April, first time since 1992 she's saluted the city. It's on sale March 12.

Chris Meigher cut a deal for an in-room custom magazine for the Hilton Hotels. He's already publishing Marriott Insights. And his Quest is perking right along.

Ben Crenshaw joining the Senior PGA Tour? Where do the years go?

Harry Lavin, everyone's favorite greeter at the 21 Club, retired last week after 27 years. Quick, now! In what three movies did Harry appear?

My candidate for Sports Illustrated's first tennis cover of the year, Kim Clijsters. She's cute as Anna but can also play.

I'm behind on my mail, granted, but just got a December copy of Talk. First time since the premiere issue its promotion people sent me a freebie. Bit late now to start, isn't it?

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