Burn Off: Late Night & 'Lost' Edition

TVWeek's James Hibberd: Rated

Published on .

Conan and Jay to return Jan. 2 without writers ... Maybe Letterman will also return – with writers ... "Our sympathizers are legion" – new video that says talk shows will be disrupted if their hosts return to work attempts to be threatening and playful at the same time, which is a tad tricky to pull off ... "Lost" co-creator Damon Lindelof, sounding far from annoyed at ABC airing a partial season, says it's "awesome" to be on Thursday nights: "We can't go on strike in one breath and then complain about the fact that the series isn't airing the way we want it to in the other. I believe in the strike and why we're on strike, so that supersedes what my preference is for the ideal way for the show to end" ... A Q&A with "Dexter" producers about the finale.
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