Burn Off: NBC Auctions Off Steve Carell's Wardrobe

TVWeek's James Hibberd: Rated

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Sometimes a company makes an announcement so ripe with opportunity for sarcasm, your brain goes to a blue-screen freeze.

With NBC's ratings struggling this season and a writers strike under way, the network is doing an online auction of "exclusive items" from its shows (read: props and wardrobe). The items include paintings from "Heroes," a poker set from "30 Rock" and Steve Carell's watch from "The Office."

"Everything must go-go-GO!" emailed a competitor.

"NBC, making money from the Web at last," quipped TVWeek's copy chief.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the United Way. How big of a portion? They're not saying. Here's the full list of items.

Also: The New Yorker weighs in on the writers strike and explores whether either side can expect its bargaining position to improve while away from the table. Best observation: "If both sides think a strike will help their cause, at least one of them must be wrong" ... Maybe marginal shows could benefit from the strike after all ... ABC's emasculated men of Thursday night ... Fox makes a "colossal dick move" ... David Letterman to pay his staff through year's end ... Network executives are cutting back, too ... Lisa de Moraes surveys the surveyors.

UPDATE: OK, thought of a few NBC-auction lines: "Maybe 'Bionic Woman' will auction off another showrunner." And: "Think they're taking bids on Jay Leno's desk yet?" And finally: "Ben Silverman told me he'd put his Jaguar up for auction, but later said it was off the record." Tip your waitress, etc.
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