CBS Plans Online Danny Bonaduce Series

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CBS Mobile is planning an animated mini-episode series voiced by Danny Bonaduce.

The satirical "Danny Bonaduce: Life Coach" will premiere Nov. 12 on the video services of major U.S. wireless carriers as well as stream online at and via the CBS Audience Network of online partners such as AOL and CNET. The show includes eight short episodes, each less than five minutes in length.

"Life Coach" episodes will be inspired by current tabloid headlines, with Bonaduce giving skewed advice to the likes of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton following the latest celebrity scandals. Bonaduce's character, along with sidekick Catchphrase Cat, will draw on his own past misdeeds for lending advice, all while weightlifting and chainsmoking.

"We feel a strong social responsibility at CBS Mobile, especially for celebrities in need," says Cyriac Roeding, executive VP at CBS Mobile. "So we thought, what better way to help than providing timely advice from Danny Bonaduce, a life management expert, on a most personal medium -- the cell phone?"

CBS says fans will be able to sign up to receive regular life coaching messages sent from Bonaduce about how to "get it together" (must ...resist ... linking to Bonaduce Photo). The move is the latest in a series by CBS Mobile to showcase original online programming.

As an online animated show, "Life Coach" isn't signatory to the Writers Guild, and one can expect an increased number of similar network efforts should writers go on strike tomorrow as planned.
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