Golden Globes: A Press Conference is Plenty

TVWeek's James Hibberd: Rated

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If the brisk recitation of names is good enough for announcing the Golden Globe nominees each year, what's so bad about using the press conference format for the awards themselves?

As reported, the Writers Guild of America strike has succeeded in shutting down the main ceremony after actors supported their union brethren and vowed not to cross a picket line to attend. Instead, NBC News will air an hour-long press conference at 6 p.m. on Sunday.

Recent entertainment industry award shows are so frequently accompanied by critic complaints and sagging ratings—so much pomp for so little circumstance—that it's tough not to see the strike-induced format as a liberation from overstuffed tradition.

The aside-from-the-obvious bummer for NBC: For the third time in a row this season, the network's scant premiere good-news ratings have been overshadowed. First, a strong premiere number for "Heroes" was drowned out by a silly Nielsen processing controversy. Then the steep "Bionic Woman" premiere ratings victory lap quickly stumbled when viewership crashed in subsequent episodes. Today, NBC is touting record-setting premiere ratings for "American Gladiators," but all eyes are on the statues and sequins.
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