HBO: 'Deadwood' Not Quite Dead; Milch Cop Drama Update

TVWeek's James Hibberd: Rated

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"Deadwood" fans: It's not quite over. But, once again, it's not looking good.

HBO broke its silence on recent reports that the "Deadwood" sets have been dismantled with a statement that gives a slim ray of hope for fans of the acclaimed series, while shedding some new light on showrunner David Milch's next project.

"There are no current plans to make the movies," an HBO spokesperson told TelevisionWeek, but added that Milch says the dismantling of the sets makes little difference to the fate of the project. The two, two-hour movies take place after the town of Deadwood is destroyed by fire and floods, thus the sets are unnecessary.

However: Milch is developing a new drama for HBO set in the New York City police department (a reunion of sorts for the showrunner, who got his start working on "Hill Street Blues").

HBO gave some fresh detail about the project: The drama is set in the 1970s and involves The Knapp Commission investigations. The Knapp-era gave rise to the story of patrolman Frank Serpico, whose revelations about corruption within the department were made into a popular book and film.

As with the short-lived "John From Cincinnati," HBO expects Milch to focus on one project at a time. So if the NYPD drama gets a series order, there's very little chance the "Deadwood" films will be made. Even if the NYPD drama fizzles out, Milch could, like after "Cincinnati," turn his attention to a new project.

So: Very little chance either way, but neither HBO nor Milch will rule out the movies.
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