Modest 'Price' Bump For Drew Carey

TVWeek's James Hibberd: Rated

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And the actual retail value of changing your morning game show host is ...

About a 10 percent ratings bump.

Drew Carey's debut week hosting CBS's classic game show "Price Is Right" resulted in slightly better numbers than last year with Bob Barker at the microphone.

"Price" averaged 5.4 million viewers for the week of Oct. 15 to Oct. 21, matching the "Price" average from Oct. 16 to Oct. 22 in 2006. Among adults 18 to 49, Carey garnered a modest bump—up 10 percent to a 1.1. For daytime shows, networks typically target women 25 to 54, which also saw a slight increase for Carey—up 7 percent to a 1.6 rating.

Because of the host changing of the guard, "Price" started about a month late this season. If Carey's first week in October is compared to Barker's first week last year in September, there are still gains for Carey—up 7 percent among women 25 to 54, 5 percent among total viewers and 22 percent among adults 18 to 49.
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