NBC Announces 'quarterlife' Premiere

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NBC will premiere its MySpace-to-broadcast drama "quarterlife" on Feb. 18, launching the project as a one-hour series.

"Quarterlife" claims to mark a few industry firsts: the first "network-quality" series (read: not cheap) produced for the Internet, the first Internet series created in tandem with social networks (MySpace.com and quarterlife.com) and the first online series that has migrated to primetime broadcast television.

"[NBC Co-Chair] Ben Silverman and NBC are innovators who understand and appreciate that 'quarterlife' represents an important shift in television programming, as our Internet series is the first to air on a major network," said Marshall Herskovitz, who created the show along with creative partner Edward Zwick ("My So-Called Life," "thirtysomething"). "Ben also really gets how special the 'quarterlife' story is and believes in our young talent."

The first season contains 36 webisodes, 8-to-10 minutes each. Since Nov. 11, they have premiered weekly on MySpace.com, then debut on quarterlife.com. The webisodes will be edited together into six one-hour episodes for air on NBC in February. Producers have said the "quarterlife" scripts were completed prior to the writers strike.

The "quarterlife" series follows the interconnected stories of six creative young people. The show encourages fans to upload their own videos onto quarterlife.com, some of which are incorporated into the show.
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