The First Mobile Company Targeted at Youth

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In regards to your Madison & Vine article published Oct. 19, 2005, profiling myself and my company, Amp’d Mobile, I was struck by the gross inaccuracies and poor reporting in your article.

Rather than taking a look at what Amp’d is really doing, Advertising Age's Madison & Vine has taken a very salacious approach to writing about our mobile entertainment service by falsely reporting on Amp’d Mobile’s plans for pornography, going as far as saying it’s our “secret weapon” and our “real strategy” to compete in the wireless space.

While pornography clearly seems to be a sexy topic and helps you sell magazines, the statements made about Amp’d are simply untrue. As I have made very clear in all of my interviews and correspondence with Ad Age, pornography will absolutely not be an offering in the Amp’d service when we launch later this month. Rather, we have signed over 175 deals with best-of-breed partners in music, gaming, sports and entertainment who will provide very compelling and exciting content -- much of which is unavailable elsewhere. The company has announced deals with Universal Music Group, Snoop Dogg, THQ, Moderati, Primedia,, AMA Supercross Series, plus hundreds more yet to be announced. Still, it is pornography which appears to be the dominant, yet inaccurate, focus of your recent articles.

To set the record straight, I want your readers to understand that Amp’d Mobile will be the first mobile entertainment company targeted to youth. Using broadband wireless (EVDO), our “real strategy” and “secret weapon” is to deliver the best in licensed, user-generated and original content to our members, divided into various channels on the Amp’d Live user interface. Anyone could see this by checking out our content sampling on

I will hope that in the future, should you choose to write about Amp’d, you will be more responsible and accurate in your reporting.

Peter Adderton


Amp’d Mobile

Editor’s note: Mr. Adderton did not characterize the potential availability of pornography on Amp'd phones as a “secret weapon” or as the strategy behind Amp'd, which he said is simply to deliver the content that his audience wants.
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