20 Filmmakers Join Brand Integration Project

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CVS has three different female profiles it wants to reach.

Project Title: Paris, je t'aime. 20 world-renowned film makers have been approached to write and direct a 5-minute short movie illustrating the universal theme of encountering love in one of the 20 districts (arrondissements) of Paris. The short films will be woven together with a common thread to create a seamless and unique cinematic experience.

Target Audience: 18-49 M/F

Opportunities: All consumer brands seeking physical and thematic tie-ins to the theme of love, specifically automobile, travel and hospitality, couture, beverage, consumer electronics, cosmetics are invited.


CVS has three different female profiles it wants to reach.

Brand: CVS Pharmacy

Target Audience: The primary pharmacy target is "Sophie" -- our older (55+) female shopper who is in the store for the pharmacy several times a month, and who also shops the front of the store for bargains. For Sophie, her prescriptions are about wellness, not sickness. They are about staying vital and in the game.

Secondarily, we are targeting "Vanessa" -- working moms who are 35-54. For them, the pharmacy is a more infrequent stop (their primary CVS shopping is in the front of store), but they may be a better new-business opportunity for the pharmacy.

Lastly, "Caroline" is the youngest consumer, age 25-34. While Caroline is not a specific target for the brand's marketing efforts, any integrations should not alienate her.

All targets, Sophie, Vanessa and Caroline, share a youthful mindset and strive to get the most out of life.

Target Platforms: Seeking opportunities primarily across film and television.

Contact: Magnetic Alliance | 617-690-4100 x-691 |

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