IAG's 2007 Top 10 Most-Recalled Network Reality In-Program Placements

January to November 2007

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Rank Brand In-Program Placement Description Program Airing Info Recall Index
1 Sue Bee Honey Teams are challenged to harvest and sell honey in supermarket The Apprentice: Los Angeles (NBC, Feb 11) 230
2 Ford F350 Super Duty truck is the prize in reward challenge Survivor: Fiji (CBS, May 10/13) 227
3 Soft Scrub Teams are challenged to create webisodes to advertise Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser The Apprentice: Los Angeles (NBC, Mar 18) 223
4 SmartMouth Teams are challenged to create newspaper supplement to promote mouthwash The Apprentice: Los Angeles (NBC, Apr 1) 223
5 Charmin Ultra Strong bathroom tissue is included in challenge prize Survivor: China (CBS, Oct 25) 223
6 Travelocity Sponsor of a trip prize for first place finishers during competition The Amazing Race 12 (CBS, Nov 4/18) 221
7 Texas Roadhouse La Toya Jackson and her partner eat at restaurant Armed & Famous (CBS, Jan 10) 219
8 Olay Ribbons Body Wash and spa trip are awarded as challenge prize Survivor: Fiji (CBS, Apr 26) 216
9 Konami Kids win "Dance Dance Revolution" arcade video game in the reward challenge Kid Nation (CBS, Nov 28) 211
10 Lipton Kail hides her veto box in package of tea bags during challenge Big Brother 8 (CBS, Jul 10) 211
The IAG Top 10 Most Recalled In-Program Placements focuses on brand/product placements occurring in Reality programs on the broadcast networks during the January 1 to November 30 period. Placement results for this annual list are aggregated to the brand-show level. The Recall Score is the percentage of television viewers who can recall within 24 hours the brand/product of an In-Program placement they were exposed to during the normal course of viewingNetwork Reality shows. These scores are then indexed against the mean score for all placements occurring in this genre during the time period (Recall Index). 100 equals average. Note: For this analysis, In-Program placements were only considered if the occurrence had visual elements (i.e., was "seen" on-screen) or both visual and auditory elements (i.e., was both "seen" and "mentioned"). Both first-run and repeat episodes were considered. Both planned and incidental exposures are tracked through IAG's In-Program Performance measurement system.
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