IAG Top 10 Most-Recalled In-Program Product Placements: Reality

Aug. 14 - Sept. 10, 2006

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Rank Brand In-Program Placement Description Program Airing Info Recall Index
1 Ask.com Air Force team accesses information on Ft. McHenry from search engine Treasure Hunters (NBC, Aug. 14) 187
2 M&M's Teams use candy as chips when they play a game of poker; Janelle says she likes the candy Big Brother 7: All-Stars (CBS, Aug. 27) 185
3 KFC The Colonel presents George with a bucket of chicken after he gets voted off Big Brother 7: All-Stars (CBS, Aug. 31) 179
4 Ask.com Ben of Team Wild Hanlons wears T-shirt printed with search engine name Treasure Hunters (NBC, Aug. 21) 176
5 Red Rock Casino Resort Sponsor of text-message vote where viewers can win $10,000 and a trip to Las Vegas hotel Hell's Kitchen (Fox, Aug. 14) 172
6 Spaghettios (Campbell's) Mike mentions and picks up a can of food in the Head of Household room Big Brother 7: All-Stars (CBS, Sept. 3) 170
7 Motorola Teams get a message from Laird Macintosh on their phones Treasure Hunters (NBC, Aug. 21) 165
8 Capital One Sponsor of the "Home Invasion" segment Fear Factor (NBC, Aug. 22) 164
9 Top Ramen Noodles (Nissin Foods) Packets are visible in a food basket in the Head of Household room Big Brother 7: All-Stars (CBS, Aug. 27) 161
10 Genworth Financial Sponsor of "Treasure Hunt Game" and "Treasure Challenge" for viewers Treasure Hunters (NBC, Aug. 14) 159
The IAG Top 10 Most Recalled In-Program Placements focuses on brand/product placements occurring in Reality programs on the broadcast networks during the Aug. 14 - Sept. 10 period. The Recall Score is the percentage of television viewers who can recall within 24 hours the brand/product of an In-Program placement they were exposed to during the normal course of viewing Network Reality shows. These scores are then indexed against the mean score for all placements occurring in this genre during the time period (Recall Index). 100 equals average. Note: For this analysis, In-Program placements were only considered if the occurrence had visual element (i.e., was "seen" on-screen) or both visual and auditory element (i.e., was both "seen" and "mentioned"). Only first-run episodes were considered. Both planned and incidental exposures are tracked through IAG's In-Program Performance measurement system.

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