Feb. 6 - March 5, 2006

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Rank Brand In-Program Placement Description Program Airing Info Recall Index
1 Battleship (Hasbro) Robin and Barney go to apartment to play board game How I Met Your Mother (CBS, Feb. 6) 206
2 Victoria's Secret Sandy and Seth mix up each other's gifts from lingerie store The O.C. (Fox, Feb. 9) 196
3 Hot Pockets Doug waits for his snack to heat up in the microwave The King of Queens (CBS, Feb. 27) 196
4 Vespa Ron tells Caitlin to get her scooter and leave Surface (NBC, Feb. 6) 184
5 Hummer Horatio drives an H2 to the crime scene CSI: Miami (CBS, Feb. 6) 179
6 Volkswagen Old car is found crashed off the side of a highway Numb3rs (CBS, March 3) 177
7 Sunkist Peyton wears a t-shirt with soft drink logo and banners hang inside club One Tree Hill (WB, Feb. 15) 174
8 BlackBerry Jennifer shows her wireless device to Horatio CSI: Miami (CBS, Feb. 6) 169
9 Acuvue On-screen logo appears during message for exclusive 'Smallville' content on Web Smallville (WB, Feb. 16) 167
10 Segway Waiters ride scooters around the kitchen at the restaurant Freddie (ABC, Feb. 15) 167
The IAG Top 10 Most Recalled In-Program Placements focuses on brand/product placements occurring in Sitcoms and Dramas on the broadcast networks during the Feb. 6 - March 5, 2006 period. The Recall Score is the percentage of television viewers who can recall within 24 hours the brand/product of an In-Program placement they were exposed to during the normal course of viewing Network Sitcoms or Dramas. These scores are then indexed against the mean score for all placements occurring in this genre during the time period (Recall Index). 100 equals average. Note: For this analysis, In-Program placements were only considered if the occurrence had visual element (i.e., was "seen" on-screen) or both visual and auditory element (i.e., was both "seen" and "mentioned"). Only first-run episodes were considered. Both planned and incidental exposures are tracked through IAG's In-Program Performance measurement system.

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