IAG Top 10 Most-Recalled In-Program Product Placements: Sitcoms & Dramas

Sept. 10 to Oct. 7, 2007

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Rank Brand In-Program Placement Description Program Airing Info Recall Index
1 Blackberry Ryan provides new wireless devices to the staff and offers tutorial The Office (NBC, Oct. 4) 249
2 Sno-Balls (Hostess) Randy brings Earl a snack cake to share with him while he's in prison My Name Is Earl (NBC, Oct. 4) 246
3 Nike Jake shows a pair of sneakers he likes while shopping with Alan and Charlie Two and a Half Men (CBS, Sept. 24) 201
4 Glock Calleigh determines the type of gun used to kill Andrew Bennett CSI: Miami (CBS, Sept. 24) 200
5 Nissan Rogue Claire's father gives her the keys to a car as an early birthday gift Heroes (NBC, Sept. 24) 198
6 Cheez Doodles (Wise) Jeff tells Audrey he has snack food on his face when he wakes up Rules of Engagement (CBS, Sept. 24) 197
7 BMW Mike views video surveillance footage of black car pulling up at hotel Las Vegas (NBC, Sept. 28) 195
8 Ferrari Danny Reyes sits on a sports car while drinking from a flask Shark (CBS, Sept. 23) 183
9 Blackberry Andrew Bennett is shown receiving message on his wireless device CSI: Miami (CBS, Sept. 24) 182
10 Hummer H2 Eric gets out of SUV and confronts Rick Gates about bullet casing CSI: Miami (CBS, Sept. 24) 175
The IAG Top 10 Most Recalled In-Program Placements focuses on brand/product placements occurring in Sitcom and Drama programs on the broadcast networks during the Sept. 10 - Oct. 7 period. The Recall Score is the percentage of television viewers who can recall within 24 hours the brand/product of an In-Program placement they were exposed to during the normal course of viewing Network Sitcom and Drama series. These scores are then indexed against the mean score for all placements occurring in these genres during the time period (Recall Index). 100 equals average. Note: For this analysis, In-Program placements were only considered if the occurrence had visual elements (i.e., was "seen" on-screen) or both visual and auditory element (i.e., was both "seen" and "mentioned"). Only first-run episodes were considered. Both planned and incidental exposures are tracked by IAG's In-Program Performance measurement system.
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