Nielsen IAG Top Ten Most-Recalled In-Program Placements: Dramas/Comedies

April 5 to May 2, 2010

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Rank Brand In-Program Placement Description Program Airing Info Recall Index
1 Victoria's Secret Michael interrupts meeting to offer Donna a retail store's catalog The Office (NBC, Apr 29) 214
2 Ford Cole Austin points to his Mustang and says he still owns it Cold Case (CBS, May 2) 190
3 Skype Joyce tells Benson and Stabler that she talks to Andrew online Law and Order: SVU (NBC, Apr 7) 183
4 Yamaha Susan explains to Mike that she has inherited a piano Desperate Housewives (ABC, May 2) 181
5 Rolex Provo tells Fin that Jack stole his watch; member of the cooking staff is wearing it Law and Order: SVU (NBC, Apr 7) 178
6 MedTec Name is visible on the ambulance doors Trauma (NBC, Apr 5) 176
7 Toyota Mitchell and Cameron park their car at Charlie's house Modern Family (ABC, Apr 14) 161
8 Chevrolet Winston drives with Guerrero, who identifies the car as a Camaro Human Target (FOX, Apr 7) 155
9 Porsche Zack asks Nick where he got his car from Accidentally On Purpose (CBS, Apr 21) 152
10 Chevrolet Pres. Hasaan rides in a black SUV after turning himself over to terrorists 24 (FOX, Apr 5) 147
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