FYI 10.23.08

Branded-Entertainment Shop Science & Fiction Gets 'Fearless'

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Science & Fiction, the co-producer of Mindshare Entertainment's branded web series "In the Motherhood," has reteamed with distribution partner MSN for its first foray into unscripted programming, "Fearless." The new series, sponsored by Hummer and currently streaming on MSN, was conceived for the new H3T model of the General Motors vehicle, based on the idea of granting five people their dream adventure vacations.

But the catch that prevents the series from becoming an "Amazing Race" retread, said Kevin Townsend, CEO of Science & Fiction, was that "in order to get your [wish] you have to do everyone else's. If you're a big whitewater rafter but you're afraid of heights, there's a rock climber. And you're using the Hummer to get you were nobody else can get you."

Mr. Townsend is also happy to report that although his first foray into reality programming was a grueling shoot, nobody got hurt and everyone succeeded in their challenges. Plus, the rewards of integrating brands into unscripted content are unique from the sometimes laborious tasks associated with scripted shows, such as "The Rookie," a miniseries Science & Fiction co-produced with Mindshare for Unilever's Degree.

"I would slave over a script for months just to get the words perfect because you want to tell a story where the ability is the actor's to bring the words to life. With unscripted, it's just the opposite. The story and how those people react to it without any prompting is just as compelling."
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