FYI 02.02.05

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In an effort to create the same kind of buzz Quiksilver was able to generate for surfing with its documentary Riding Giants, U.S. Music Corp is producing its own film that examines the passion guitar dealers and artists have for their instruments. Kontent>real (Michael Jordan to the Max) is producing the documentary, which is still shooting. It does not yet have distribution. U.S. Music Corp. is the maker of Washburn Guitars, Parker Guitars and Randall Amplifiers. The brands will be integrated into the film. | Home Depot will be featured in several reality TV shows as part of a new deal between the retailer and Mark Burnett Productions. Under a multiyear deal, the home-improvement retailer will be included in upcoming episodes of The Apprentice and The Contender, a new boxing-themed show that premieres March 7 on NBC.

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