FYI 02.15.2006

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Davie-Brown Entertainment has launched the Davie-Brown Index, a celebrity evaluation index for marketers and ad agencies looking for stars to help sell their products. The DBI determines a celebrity’s relevance to a brand’s image and the influence on consumer-buying behavior. I.think Inc. is compiling and managing the DBI, which includes more than 1,500 celebs. It evaluates their appeal, notice, trend-setting, influence, trust, endorsement, aspiration and awareness. The company is charging $20,000 a year for unlimited online access to DBI reports and $1,000 for individual celebrity reports. | As part of the launch of Quik Films, Quiksilver is hosting a short-film contest. The clothing company is looking for two- to five-minute-long films that resonate with the board-riding lifestyle and the personality of the brand, but is not limited to action-based content. Visitors to can vote on the top submissions received by the Feb. 28 deadline. The winning short from each week qualifes for the final contest, where a winner and three runner-ups will be chosen.

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