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Crunch Finds a 'Dance' Partner in Bravo

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This month, reality TV is crunching its the way to the gym.

In a unique tie-in, Bravo is partnering with Crunch fitness centers for a branded class inspired by Bravo's new dance reality show, "Step It Up & Dance."
Step It Up and Dance - Crunch

Week for week, the classes -- offered at locations in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles -- will mimic the variety of dance styles featured in the show, from ballet to burlesque.

Unlike contestants on the show, there's no chance at winning a $100,000 paycheck at the end of the workout. But, Crunch-goers who take the class do have a chance at sweating their way to winning a trip to the season finale of the show, courtesy of Crunch.

The nearly 20-year-old gym chain is known for its novel, quirky fitness classes, which range from "Bar Hopping," where participants learn bar-top-inspired moves to, "Recess," where adults revert to childhood by burning calories with games of Duck Duck Goose and Twister.

The Bravo tie-in represents Crunch's first partnership with a network, but the gym chain in the past has experimented with bringing brands from the big screen and Broadway into the gym: in "Dream Girls," class participants learn Motown-inspired dance routines from the movie, and in Legally Blonde, where particpants take a stab at choreography from the musical spinoff of the movie. -- Rupal Parekh
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