FYI 04.20.05

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Screenvision, one of the country's leading sellers of cinema advertising, has issued the results of a study that says cinema advertising works. Conducted by the independent research firm TNS, the study says consumers are more likely to consider and choose a brand when in-cinema advertising is part of the overall media mix. Moviegoers who saw in-theatre ads are 44% more likely to remember the ad than consumers who saw it on TV, according to the study. The same moviegoers are 70% more likely to correctly identify the advertised brands. Up to one week after seeing a commercial at the movies, nearly half of consumers could name the specific brands they saw advertised. Moviegoers are also more likely to exhibit increased interest in the advertised brands, have a better opinion of the brands and talk to others about a point brought out in the ad. The study tested ads from brands across various categories including packaged goods, automotive, consumer electronics, apparel and quick service restaurants and used TV as a benchmark. | Office supply retailer Staples will sponsor next week's task in NBC's The Apprentice, in which candidates invent a new office product for the company that is designed to make desk organization easy. The task will promote the Staples Invention Quest, a nationwide search for office product ideas that gives people a chance to win $25,000 plus royalties.

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