FYI 06.01.2005

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Starbucks is showing early signs that it has the strength to launch a new band's career: Antigone Rising, Starbucks' first debut artist to release an album under the Hear Music relationship, has sold 21,000 CDs in its first two weeks, more than its prior album sold in total, according to Soundscan data. | Continuing the trend of artists looking for alternative venues in which to peddle their wares, Alison Krauss and Union Station are selling their latest CD, Home on the Highways, exclusively at Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores. The chain, based in Lebanon, Tenn., has some 500 locations in 41 states, and has made a practice of including music in its restaurant-adjacent retail stores. Crossover artists Alison Krauss and Union Station are best known for their country bluegrass style and performances on the platinum-selling O Brother, Where Art Thou? sound track. Home on the Highways is on their longtime label Rounder Records. | Comcast-owned cable channel Outdoor Life Network has picked up all 10 existing seasons of CBS's Survivor, a deal that will not only give Mark Burnett's hit reality series a second life on cable, but also its integrated sponsors, which included Target, General Motors, Frito-Lay, Home Depot, Ericcson, Reebok, Anheuser-Busch, among others, additional exposure.

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