FYI 06.07.2006

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Marketing messages, including product placements and integrations, account for 35% of every hour in prime time, according to a new study conducted by TNS Media Intelligence. In the first quarter of 2006, an average hour in prime time included more than 17 minutes of commercials and over three minutes of product integrations. In unscripted programming, that figure rose to more than 40% in an average hour, with more than 18 minutes of commercials and more than seven minutes of product integrations. The top offenders were late-night talk shows, with more than 31 minutes of an average hour devoted to commercials and integrations. CBS lead with the most shows with product placement, "The Amazing Race," "Yes, Dear," "King of Queens" and "Love Monkey," while NBC's "The Biggest Loser" and Fox's "American Idol," naturally, also made the cut. | Mars' Snickers has launched a Web-based superhero series, "Instant Def," which will play out on in five installments. The members of the music act Black Eyed Peas play the superheroes. In addition to the episodes, the project will spin off music tracks, clothing and other merchandise. Omnicom Group's BBDO produced the project and is looking to collect a percentage of revenue generated from product and merchandise sales.
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