FYI 06.08.05

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Jamdat Mobile scored big in the first five months of the year with the top three games downloaded on Verizon Wireless' Get It Now service. The carrier reported that the three top-selling games were Jamdat's Tetris, Downtown Texas Hold'em and its popular bowling games. Top polyphonic ringtones were Modtones by Moderati (Faith West), Sony Music Box by Sony BMG and Xringer by Xringer. | Cadbury Schweppes’ Snapple brand has agreed to sponsor two theaters on Broadway, south of 50th Street. The theaters, each with 199 seats, will open by the end of the month and will be named the Snapple Theater Center. Concession stands will serve Cadbury Schweppes beverages, including Snapple, Canada Dry, Dr Pepper, Mott's, 7 Up and Schweppes. The theaters join the existing American Airlines Theater, the Cadillac Winter Garden and the Hilton Theaters. | ABC’s The Scholar, the first TV series Wal-Mart Stores has ever sponsored, debuted Monday. The retailer is woven into plots of the show, centered around 10 high school seniors competing for a $250,000 college scholarship. Wal-Mart is underwriting the scholarship for the nine runners-up, totaling $300,000.

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