FYI 06.29.05

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PepsiCo’s sponsorship of MTV’s new season of Laguna Beach will include sending text alerts to select cellphone users, as well as hosting exclusive content from the show online. The logo for its Pepsi Lime beverage will also appear on the cover of the DVD of the series’ first season. | Volvo Cars of North America has signed on as a sponsor for Live 8, becoming one of three global underwriters for the worldwide July 2 concert event to raise awareness for ending poverty in the world’s poorest nations. Volvo joins AOL and Nokia. In addition to signage, the automaker will air six commercials during the ABC broadcast, provide transportation to artists at the London and Philadelphia shows, and be one of the sponsors of the DVD, set for release in November. The concerts will feature Paul McCartney, U2, Stevie Wonder, Pink Floyd, Annie Lennox, Sting, Jay-Z, Linkin Park, Mariah Carey, Destiny’s Child, Dave Matthews Band, Joss Stone, REM and Coldplay. | SmartVideo Technologies will launch the Two Minute Television Network to owners of smartphones or PDAs equipped with a media player. The channel will feature advertising-supported entertainment programming such as "Genius on a Shoestring," "Adventures in Speed Dating" and "News With a Punchline." Six other series are in the works. The company has already launched the Digital Music Video Network, which offers music videos. The deal was brokered by Los Angeles-based Media Consulting Associates.

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