FYI: 08.03.2005

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During the 2005 Major League Baseball All-Star Game that took place July 12 in Detroit, Gatorade received the highest number of impressions among viewers 18 years old and older, with 212.2 million impressions, according to Nielsen Sports’ Sponsorship Scorecard. The Nielsen service measures sponsored placed media in televised sporting events. Budweiser placed second with 189.1 million impressions, while Chevrolet rounded out the top three with 168.9 million. Comerica Bank, which holds the naming rights for the ballpark, ranked seventh with 68.5 million impressions. The top in-stadium location, based on impressions, was the signage behind home plate using super-imposed images, receiving 506.1 million impressions. The scoreboard received the second most impressions with 422.7 million followed by broadcast and on-air graphics with 291.8 million.

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