FYI: 08.09.07

Pepsi Cans as Media Buy for the VMAs

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It's not enough that Pepsi has been the longest-running sponsor of MTV's biggest event, the Video Music Awards. Now the beverage company is taking its years-old relationship with the network to the next level: cans.

Starting today, Pepsi will put the VMAs on 500 million of its cans as part of its year-long "global brand restyle" campaign and Pepsi Smash brand, designed to reach teenagers and young adults through music and online media. The MTV can comes complete with a link to, where fans can find out more about this year's awards.

"It's looking at the cans as media," said Tim Rosta, MTV's senior VP-integrated marketing. "Pepsi felt like there was no brand that better addressed that around the music than MTV."

Mr. Rosta said this is the first time the network has partnered with a beverage brand for can placement. Additional components to the campaign include a contest in 1,200 retail outlets where fans can enter to win a fly-away experience and a Pepsi-sponsored on-site viewing party for this year's VMAs. The network previously announced a partnership with Procter & Gamble's Herbal Essences shampoo for its "My Fantasy VMA" contest. "There's lots of cool ways for a partner to actually blend in with the fabric of the VMAs. It's extending the VMA brand to their product," Mr. Rosta said. -- Andrew Hampp
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