FYI 08.30.07

Capitol One Sponsors Branded Minisodes on TNT's 'L&O' Reruns

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TNT has made a deposit on a second financial-themed series of branded minisodes with "The Charm," sponsored by Capitol One. The first minute of of the five-part mini-drama will start airing during Wednesday's

Thanks to a sponsorship deal with Dell, Wallstrip host Lindsay Campbell's on-screen Apple laptop was replaced with a Dell XPS machine.
"Law & Order" and will continue to air each week through Sept. 26. "The Charm" follows last year's "Change of Plans," sponsored by Chase, which aired during TNT's broadcast of the Tom Hanks film "Cast Away." TNT's Turner sibling TBS also has its own series of branded interstitials, "Love Bites," sponsored by Unilever's Sunsilk shampoo, which airs Monday and Thursday nights during the network's "Sex and the City" reruns.

Speaking of financial themes, CBS Interactive this week announced that Wallstrip, its syndicated daily webshow focused on financial news, has secured an in-show sponsorship deal with Dell Computers. Under the arrangement, Wallstrip host Lindsay Campbell, who is often seen using a computer during the show, will now use a Dell XPS laptop. The product placement was featured, purposefully and obtrusively, in Tuesday's episode.
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