FYI 09.27.06

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Derek Cianfrance, Cami Delavigne and Joey Curtis have won the 2006 Chrysler Film Project for their screenplay "Blue Valentine." The contest is overseen by the Independent Feature Project and awards $1 million from the automaker to turn a filmmaker's script into a feature. Los Angeles-based Silverwood Films will oversee the production. "Blue Valentine" is a love story told in flashbacks. Mr. Cianfrance is set to direct the project. Chrysler co-produced the horror film "Cry Wolf," a winner of the Chrysler Million Dollar Film Festival, a previous contest that also involved Hypnotic and Universal Pictures. | Pizza Hut will sponsor "Entertainment Tonight's" weekly "Pizza and a DVD" segment, which covers new film releases. It will run through 2007. | An Applebee's restaurant and Toyota dealership, the Fox film "Eragon," as well as Gatorade and AT&T will be integrated into NBC's football drama "Friday Night Lights." Ad dollars, surrounding the placements, are helping offset the production costs of the show, including the refurbishment of a stadium where scenes are shot.

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