FYI 10.11.2006

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As part of its tie-in with NBC's football drama "Friday Night Lights," Toyota Motor Sales USA has produced "Jon & J.J. The Line of Scrimmage," a weekly segment that airs during the NBC Sunday Night Halftime Show that began Oct. 8 and runs through Jan. 6. In it, two college students travel around the country to find high-school football programs with the strongest and craziest traditions. The hosts write, direct and film the spots from the tailgate of their Toyota pickup. The shorts can also be seen at,,, and the "Friday Night Lights" website. | Unilever's Suave is sponsoring TV Guide Channel's talk show "The Fashion Team," hosted by stylist David Evangelista and comedian Daphne Brogdon. As a presenting sponsor, Suave appears in the first 13 episodes and is integrated into the show's name, and hair-care product will appear in the show's weekly "Get That Look" segment. | Appliance maker Emerson is suing NBC Universal Television Studios, claims the pilot of "Heroes" casts its In-Sink-Erator garbage disposal in a bad light. The company's trying to block rebroadcasts of the first episode on the air and online. In it, a high-school cheerleader sticks her hand into an In-Sink-Erator-branded disposal while it's running and mangles her fingers, which return to normal within seconds. Emerson claims the imagery suggests serious injuries will occur if consumers were to accidentally insert their hands into one of the disposals, but the main complaint is the use of the disposal's name without permission.
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