FYI: 10.26.05

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Just as Jeep has launched its live-action Web series We Are the Mudds, other marketers are going the animated route, with eHealthInsurance bowing the animated series Am I Covered?, which revolves around the dysfunctional Wyndale family. The Webisodes appear at Meanwhile, Unilever’s I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter brand has introduced Sprays of Her Life at, following the lives of vegetables living inside a refrigerator. | The Campbell Soup Co. will integrate its popular green bean casserole into an upcoming episode of The Tony Danza Show, during which Mr. Danza will have Thanksgiving dinner with a contest-winning family. Campbell’s, whose perennial holiday dish is celebrating its 50th anniversary, is teaming with the show for an on- and off-air promotion, including a sweepstakes with 40 million free-standing inserts in newspapers, e-mails and online.
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