FYI 11.01.06

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The National Cherry Growers and Industry Foundation has reupped with UPP Entertainment Marketing, Los Angeles, for two more years to promote cherries through product placement in TV shows and movies, as well as on game shows. UPP has repped the cherry organization for the past six years, landing the fruit exposure in shows such as "The O.C.," "Without a Trace," "The Price Is Right" and "Malcolm in the Middle" and movies "Laws of Attraction" and "Swordfish." | Toyota Motor Sales USA is promoting the sixth season of Fox's "24" by sponsoring a two-minute, 20-second teaser for the show at The automaker also screened the spot, which is preceded by a 15-second ad for the 2007 RAV4 SUV, in New York's Time Square. | Anheuser-Busch has renewed with the Travel Channel's "World Poker Tour", making Budweiser the official beer of the tour. A-B came on board as a partner starting with the second season. Additional sponsors joining the tour are Xyience, making its Xenergy the tour's official energy drink, and Blue Diamond Almonds. Budweiser retains its official sponsorship title, will be incorporated throughout all tour stops via on-set integration and Travel Channel media. Xenergy and Blue Diamond will also run retail promotions and contests.
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