FYI 11.08.06

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RedOctane, the creator of the hit video game "Guitar Hero," has brokered placement deals with a number of music industry hardware companies to appear in the sequel, hitting store shelves this week for the PlayStation 2. They include: Boss Effectors, DW Drums, Eden Bass Amplication, EMG, Epiphone, Ernie Ball Strings, Gibson Guitar, Guitar Center, Hofner, Kramer, Krank, Line 6, Mesa Boogie, MusicMan Basses, Orange, Randall Amplifiers, Roland, VHT and Zlidjian. Vans and the Vans Warped Tour are also featured in the music-based game, which lets you play using a guitar-shaped controller. | Double Fusion has teamed with Cyworld USA to integrate brands into the social-networking website. The deal will give users access to branded items such as decor and furnishings for their online homes and rooms. The two companies will also create new business opportunities including e-commerce, digital items and consumer-controlled advertising units and incentives. Cyworld has over 20 million members worldwide.
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