FYI 11.17.2004

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Yahoo! has linked up with Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow Pictures to launch an interactive promotion for Ocean's Twelve called "Mastermind Challenge." The contest for the film that stars George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts sends players across Yahoo!'s stable of Web sites to figure out two clues each week that are drawn from the film's plot. Those who interpret all 12 clues correctly could win a trip for two to the European locations featured in the film. A separate promo is also available for Yahoo! Mobile users. Promos will run for six weeks at prior to the film's release Dec. 10. | Adidas-Salomon AG and FIFA have signed on as promotional partners in the soccer film trilogy Goal!, hoping to boost their identities in the U.S. The first film will be released in August 2005. Shooting now, the movie is produced by Mel Gibson and features David Beckham.

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