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EPropshop offers WEB-based service

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%%STORYIMAGE_LEFT%% If you listen to Igor Muravyov, the point of contact between Hollywood and Mad Ave lies squarely in Cambridge, Mass. That is the home of ePropshop, a company that offers marketers and entertainment producers a Web-based database, matching up branded entertainment opportunities.

So far, companies including Edelman Sports & Entertainment Marketing and Miramax Films have been brought together via the service. Edelman executive Mary Semling, who is using the ePropshop service, sees the indie-film arena as a great opportunity to be mined via the database.

"We have great contacts at major studios and networks. But there are lots of other productions [to be aware of], in the indie-film space," said Semling, senior VP-entertainment marketing at Edelman. "I like having access to contacts but it's also nice that those contacts are finding me."

The search function can be tailored toward the party's specific needs. For example, an ad agency exec or brand manager at an automaker might enter the demographics and psychographics of a target customer; a description of the car's styling; and a summary of a current advertising campaign.

%%PULLQUOTE_RIGHT%% Likewise, a production resource executive for an upcoming motion picture might input its projected audience demographics; the project's theme and genre; descriptions of essential products for a particular scene; and a contextual description of the product's usage.

Searches can also be done under type of media: film, TV show, or music video. They can also be done according to specific budgetary parameters.

Muravyov, the President, who conceived the ePropshop concept, has teamed up with Bill Santo, a technology executive, who has joined the company as chief executive.

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