Chipotle's 'Burrito Lady' Breaks Out

Jingle as radio hit

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%%STORYIMAGE_LEFT%% Chipotle seems to have a hit and it's not one of the "Fresh Mex" chain's oversized burritos.

The McDonald's Corp.-owned chain, known for its 20-ounce burritos, recently launched a radio campaign with a jingle called "Burrito Lady." Written and performed by Denver-based blues and alt-country guitarist Kevin Trainor, the song appears to be set to the infectious melody from the 1973 hit "Sweet City Woman" by the flash-in-the-pan group, The Stampeders. The ditty has struck such a chord that it has received airplay beyond the Chipotle media buy and has lit up Internet message boards and chat rooms.

Morning drive show "Elliott in the Morning," on Washington, D.C., alternative rock station WXRL-FM, has featured Trainor and the song.

Trainor has been commissioned by Dan Fogarty, Chipotle's chief marketer, whose business card reads "keeper of the faith," to write additional songs for the chain, set to air in Minneapolis, Washington, D.C., Denver and Dallas.

%%PULLQUOTE_RIGHT%% Sporting the chorus, "Hey, hey, hey, burrito lady, you drive me crazy burrito lady," the tune has elicited more than 60 requests for lyrics and downloads at the chain's Web site, The song is also being played at Chipotle stores.

"We knew the radio was working when people would come in and say, 'Hey, there's the Burrito Lady,'" said Fogarty.

Ironically, "Burrito Lady" could be the biggest hit of Trainor's career. The 45-year-old Philadelphia native has appeared on albums by Joan Osborne and Blues Traveler. On an early album, he also wrote a song called "Mr. Ad-Man" that makes fun of beer commercials, with lyrics asking, "Is that Miller really cold brewed or is that just a lie? And can you tell me one good reason why they call it Bud Dry?"

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