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'Classmates' producer aims for same with

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%%STORYIMAGE_RIGHT%% Matthew Papish, the Hollywood producer responsible for bringing to TV, aims to replicate the model with, the social networking Web site that has been quietly growing in the shadow cast by Friendster.

Papish, president of Pipeline Entertainment, has inked an exclusive pact with that confers domestic and international rights to the producer to create both reality and scripted formats that would offer advertisers integrated marketing packages including brand integration.

Papish is talking up the concept with potential distribution partners in broadcast, cable and syndication. Both "Classmates" and "Blind Date," another Papish property, are syndicated shows. The concept is tentatively titled "Six Degrees," whereby the social network mobilizes to fulfill a particular challenge.

Papish said for example that a community could mobilize to put together a wedding for a woman before her boyfriend ships off to Iraq.

%%PULLQUOTE_LEFT%% "Despite all the talk about brand integration and brand-financed programming, it's still ultimately about the quality of the show. If it's not a good show, it can hurt this branded-entertainment movement," said Papish. Papish has not begun to sell the shows to brands yet in earnest.

Papish pointed out that one of the marketing advantages of this project would be the ability to leverage the original platform, in this case the Internet. "For audiences, the Web site will be like the fourth act to the TV show," said Papish.

Papish is partnering with Chameleon Entertainment on the show. Chameleon CEO Damon Harman has produced and directed for MTV and VH1.

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