Two-Hour A&E TV Special, TiVo Promos and Complete Issue of 'People' Magazine

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NEW YORK -- In what it characterizes as one of its largest brand integration deals ever, Kraft Foods has stitched together a cross-platform holiday campaign promoting its brands around an A&E
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Among the celebrities featured in the Kraft 'Hollywood Home Movies' is actress Goldie Hawn.

Network's show, a TiVo video-on-demand promotion and a special edition of People magazine.

Gary Gruneberg, senior director of media services for Kraft, confirmed the multipronged campaign but declined to provide details about its cost.

He also described the effort as "unique" because it involved a major change in corporate procedure. In the past, the marketer has conducted numerous integrated advertising campaigns but has always depended on Viacom or Time Warner to put together the partners. This year, it took over that task itself.

A&E show

In the cable portion of the deal, Kraft will be the exclusive sponsor of A&E's Hollywood Home Movies, a two-hour holiday special about how celebrities celebrate the holidays with their families. The program was developed in part with the marketer. Along with tweaking the contents of the show to better suit Kraft, A&E also agreed to change its original schedule to fit with the timing of Kraft's holiday print promotion with People magazine.

Hollywood Home Movies features celebrities such as Goldie Hawn and Ben Stiller. In addition to running on A&E, the special will be available on Time Warner Cable and Comcast video-on-demand platforms, furthering Kraft's reach.


Kraft also agreed to become the first packaged goods advertiser to buy into TiVo's advertiser showcase, where it will have a three-minute promo. "TiVo will be able to tell us something
Photo: AP
Among the celebrities featured in the Kraft 'Hollywood Home Movies' is actress Goldie Hawn.

about the consumer response, how much they watched so we can get some feedback," Mr. Gruneberg said.

One additional element of the deal, brokered by MediaVest USA, part of Publicis Groupe, is the extent to which measurement of the cross-media promotions will be employed. Both the VOD platforms coupled with TiVo data will provide both A&E and Kraft with detailed feedback about not only who watched the show and for how long, but which customers actively selected to watch the TiVo promo.

'People' magazine

In an expansion of its 2003 holiday deal with Time Inc.'s People magazine, Kraft and People this year will again put out a special edition on how celebrities celebrate their holiday traditions in family settings. The issue is completely underwritten by Kraft. It comes wrapped with a Kraft promotion, a photo of the food giant's president and pages filled with print ads for Kraft products such as Jell-O, Cool Whip and Altoids.

Some 950,000 magazine subscribers will receive the issue while Wal-Mart will also distribute another 75,000 issues of the special edition with the regular magazine.


Mr. Gruneberg said a sweepstakes promotion running with both People and the A&E show would also provide consumer information. The network is paying for the sweepstakes prize, which is a Hollywood vacation.

According to Kraft and A&E, the multifaceted campaign grew out of Kraft's upfront negotiations with the network. In return for Kraft's agreement to spend more money with both A&E and sibling network the History Channel, the network agreed to come up with a more tailored advertising solution for Kraft. As part of A&E Networks' "value-added" package, the broadcaster also agreed to create custom vignettes to promote both Kraft and Hollywood Home Movies.

When asked to describe value of all the extras that were involved in the deal, A&E's Melinda McLaughlin, senior vice president of integrated sales and marketing, declined to discuss the details except to say that it is the biggest integration deal A&E has ever done.
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