Lay's Finds Its 'Moment of Joy' on Reality Series

Marketer Embeds Its Message in 'HomeTeam' and Helps Boost Show's Awareness

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NEW YORK -- Litton Entertainment all but guaranteed Frito-Lay on-air tears of gratitude for its participation in the nationally syndicated reality show "HomeTeam." The marketer couldn't -- and didn't -- pass that up.
At the end of each episode, the new homeowners are presented with baskets of Lay's products and a $2,000 check from the brand to use for their home.

On the weekly Lenz-works Productions show, distributed by Litton, deserving citizens are awarded first-time home ownership. Litton recognized a perfect fit between the "100% Pure Joy" theme of Frito's Lay's campaign and the moment during each show when the new homeowners are presented with their home, worked on unbeknownst to them by family, friends and neighbors.

Defending against TiVo

Pete Sniderman, chief operating officer of Litton Entertainment, said, "Lay's really sees that they need a defense to the world of TiVo and wants more ways to get their brand into content." Since the brand essence was this moment of joy, he said, "'HomeTeam' was completely on tone, making them seamlessly integrated."

In a statement, Frito Lay VP-Marketing Charlie Veraza said, "This partnership with 'HomeTeam' helps the Lay's brand create and share the moments of joy that come from the unforgettable emotional connections made by family, friends and neighbors as they come together to help a deserving family."

As part of the turnkey program Litton presented to Lay's (for an undisclosed sum), family members working on the house thank Lay's in custom spots for making the opportunity possible, and Lay's delivery drivers drop off snacks for the families as they get the homes ready.

Cue the 'Lay's Moment of Joy'

Lay's also sponsors recaps of the family's progress on the house every 15 minutes and plays prominently in the show's pivotal end "reveal," when the new homeowner, thrilled and surprised (cue tears), is presented with a basket of Lay's products and a $2,000 check from the brand to use for their home. After that "Lay's Moment of Joy," the segment ends with a customized spot in which the winner thanks Lay's and "HomeTeam."

The real-estate reality show, hosted by former "Apprentice" contestant Troy McClain and recently secured for a third season, reaches 94% of the U.S. on major networks and independent stations. People who have foregone home ownership to give to their communities instead can be nominated for the show at

Help raise show's awareness

Though awareness for "HomeTeam" has been growing recently, the Lay's sponsorship is expected to grow interest even further, especially if Lay's puts the show on its packaging, as it is expected to do this summer. And "HomeTeam" moments are featured on

"Lay's has many tentacles that allow us to promote the show and raise awareness," Mr. Sniderman said. Jennifer O'Brien, marketing director of the TV division of "HomeTeam," agreed. "To align ourselves with one of the major brands in the U.S. is quite important for the show."

For Lay's, the show's ability to generate awareness of the brand's "pure joy" theme was its primary motivator -- although, of course, generating sales would be a welcome byproduct.

Litton's internal division Litton Corporate Direct works to secure corporate integration deals for shows it distributes, including "Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures."
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