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'The Town,' 'Black Swan,' 'The Social Network' and More

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The web might be most moviegoers' source for coming attractions, extra-long previews or scene clips. But we still like looking at movie posters, especially when we're stuck waiting for the train.

Here's some artwork for upcoming releases we're highlighting this week. If you spot a piece of movie art worth highlighting, drop us a line.

"The Town"
The trailer for this weekend's release has been widely deconstructed -- do moviegoers really care that it's from the studio that brought you "The Departed"? -- but the poster is a knockout. There's shades of "Point Break" about the wrinkled masks, but I credit the marketing for going with the gun-toting nuns rather than juxtaposing John Hamm and Ben Affleck in some sort of dramatic face-off.

"Black Swan"
Speaking of movies with attention-grabbing trailers, Darren Aronofsky's "Black Swan" is building buzz way ahead of its December release. The poster is equally arresting.

"The Social Network"
Like the "Black Swan" art, one face can say a lot. And if you didn't already know Facebook isn't pleased with the upcoming David Fincher film, the artfully displayed tagline covering Mark Zuckerberg's, um, Jesse Eisenberg's mug probably gives you a clue to the controversy. The same technique also worked here. And here's part of Sony's online marketing strategy.

"Let Me In"
Here's the third iteration of the art for "Let Me In," the remake of "Let the Right One In." CinemaBlend puts the various versions side by side. The latest version is not as strong and has that standard Hollywood horror film gloss to it. Let's hope the film doesn't.

Why did I include this piece of work? Are you kidding? You simply have to love the two most cheese-tastic -- and seemingly unrelated -- taglines ever. Plus, check out that cast. (Via CinemaBlend)

Aris Georgiadis is assistant managing editor for Ad Age and editor of Madison & Vine. You can also find him on Twitter.
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