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L.A. tech firm awaits patent approval

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%%STORYIMAGE_LEFT%% Banking on those consumers who don't find product-placement intrusive or insulting, a company has developed a new technology that it hopes will act as a vibrant sales tool for advertisers with presences in movies.

Upon approval of its patent application, Los Angeles-based Successful Technologies plans to bring brand marketers together with the Hollywood studios to create double DVD packages for post-theatrical DVD releases. The "other d.i.s.c."(digital interactive shopping catalog)— with product information and, in some cases, a direct link to a brand's Web site— will be placed alongside the disc of the film in which the brand appears.

"It's a win-win-win situation. It increases the bottom line for the studios and gives marketers a vehicle for taking the product from the movie directly to the consumer," said Scott McKean, VP, Successful Technologies.

%%PULLQUOTE_RIGHT%% Successful Technologies is a subsidiary of Dominion Enterprises, a specialist in motion picture and animation development and new technologies. President Tim Marshall and his team are cultivating relationships with product-placement shops and promotions/production executives at the studios in advance of its patent approval.

Patti Ganguzza, president of AIM Productions, a leading New York-based product placement shop, said she's been pitched similar proposals in the past. While she hasn't had any conversations with Marshall's team, she sounded a skeptical note. "It sounds ambitious. Somebody is going to have to do a huge sales job to create enough content for the compatible DVD."

Ganguzza pointed out the difficulty in matching up retail and promotional horizons and objectives of brand marketers with the DVD release schedule as one of several potential obstacles in making these enhancements work.

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