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'Tron: Legacy' Nods to the Cult Original, 'True Grit' Shoots Straight and Early Buzz for 'Coyboys & Aliens'

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The web might be most moviegoers' source for coming attractions, extra-long previews or scene clips. But we still like looking at movie posters, especially when we show up too early at the multiplex and are gorging on Milk Duds.

Here's some artwork for upcoming releases we're highlighting this week. If you spot a piece of movie art worth highlighting, drop us a line.

"Tron Legacy"
Disney's push behind "Tron Legacy," the sequel to the 1982 cult classic, has been building steadily for the better part of a year, and as the movie's Dec. 17 release date gets closer, we're seeing all manner of promotion: On the product side, we've seen "Tron" sneakers and 3-D Oakley sunglasses, for starters. Disney and subsidiary Marvel Comics have also engineered a nice gimmick for the fanboys, as Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America (hmm, aren't they also in movies?) got the Tron treatment on their covers this month. And you certainly haven't missed the trailers. (How awesome have those young Jeff Bridges shots been?) But the posters have been very eye-catching. The latest poster, a triptych, is messy, busy and loud, but there's an homage to the original poster. (I can't wait for the orange and electric blue color motif to vanish, though.) (Via Empire Online)

"True Grit"
Oh, Jeff Bridges, where art thou not this fall movie season? The two faces of Jeff figure prominently in "Tron: Legacy" as well as in the upcoming Cohen Brothers remake of the 1969 adaptation of the Charles Portis novel. Bridges plays the iconic eye-patch-wearing Rooster Cogburn, all grizzle and gristle. (John Wayne played the Oscar-winning role in the original.) The poster has the same lean toughness of a Budd Boetticher Western. We expect nothing less from the Paramount release.

"Cowboys & Aliens"
Speaking of cowboys, if you've been following Jon Favreau's Twitter feed, all bits of news about next summer's "Cowboys & Aliens" from Universal has been hitting the web, including the first trailer. (You can see it here.) Earlier this week, the poster blanketed every movie-loving site (we spotted it on io9), and the art gives you just enough laconic sci-fi to satisfy any genre craving. (Incidentally, Daniel Craig is making a heck of a career out of portraying iconic characters, from James Bond and Lord Asriel to the upcoming Mikael Blomkvist and Jake Lonergan. Studio marketing departments must love this guy.)

"The Mechanic"
Like "True Grit," some movies should be remade, even if the original is a classic of a sort. I love Charles Bronson, but other than "Hard Times," I don't mind if Hollywood wants to remake some of his movies, particularly if they star Jason Statham and Ben Foster. And especially if the poster, via Cinematical, is this clever. (And by clever, I also mean not simply the QR code hidden among the weaponry. Like "Buried" before it, I love the '60s Saul Bass sensibility.) Cinema Blend has the trailer for the CBS Films release.

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